Stadium lighting or light masts for football pitches and other sports facilities

Football pitches and other sports facilities are being used all year round more and more, even in the darkest winter months. Once darkness falls, lighting is essential for sports to be played and watched by players and spectators. 

This applies from small, local facilities, to giant stadiums. The flexibility offered by our standard lattice masts makes them ideal for any size of job.

A typical mast height is from 7.5 to 30 metres, and anything between 2 and 10 lights are usually installed.

Based on customer requirements for number of masts and light types, we will undertake a calculation to arrive at the perfect solution. We are also happy to help with contact to suppliers for light calculations and choice of luminaries/lights.

If our standard masts cannot satisfy the requirement, we will of course produce customised solutions specifically for your project.

Carl C has vast experience in the design and erection of lighting for sports facilities. For example: we worked with DBS Lys to supply 4 magnificent lighting masts with a huge lamp gallery to Skive Stadion. Everything was produced at our factory in Skjern.

DBS Lys mounted 21 lights on each mast, to give twice the lighting power compared to the old lights, bringing the stadium up to the lighting requirements for top-level sport and TV transmissions.  Up to 28 lights can be mounted on each mast, giving room for expansion to meet future needs.

That means that Skive IK is now ready to take on any opposition on their home ground, no matter how dark it is.


Carl C. A/S was founded in 1969, and over the years has amassed comprehensive experience and expertise in the manufacture of steel towers, foundations and accessories. Today we supply towers to a wide variety of industries where quality and safety are a top priority. 


Carl C. A/S is certified to the quality-management system DS EN ISO 9001. In addition, the company is certified to DS EN ISO 3834-2 and DS EN ISO 1090 EXC 1–4, which means that Carl C. A/S meets the requirements for being able to manufacture and CE-mark steel structures in accordance with the most stringent requirements in Europe.